This Isn’t Goodbye

I am on location this week.  To be on location in the film industry means that the production company I work for is shooting in a remote city, which requires travel and housing (away from the production companies home base.)  Working on location in the department that I am in challenges my goal to write weekly.  The moments I have to myself have been 30 minutes to an hour before I go to bed, which I use to wined down from the day.  After working 12-hour days each day it seems as though I am back to where I was in June of 2013 (Redirection: 7 lessons from living differently).   However, as a result of meditation and breath work I am able to see in the moment that everything is different and I see and feel that difference.

This week one of my closest girlfriends I’ve made since I’ve lived in LA, moved to New Orleans.  I am sad I wasn’t there to see her off.  As a girl I had a best friend each year.  And each year my best friend would move away.  This happened so often, but It didn’t prevent me from bonding with girls I met; and while it was hard, I go used to saying goodbye.  For the longest time I believed that goodbyes were permanent.  And by the nature of being a child whose whole world is the community that you grow up in it makes sense.

In high school, I had several opportunities to attend several leadership programs and I took each opportunity that came my way.  Each program allowed me to mix with the next generation of leaders from various cities or states that had qualities and interests similar to my own.  Some of the best bonds that I have with friends were with friends I met at these programs.  During the week friendships formed and at the week’s end we’d go our separate ways.  Later in high school and college as my life became more mobile, I started to run into friends that I made over the years, which changed my perspective on goodbyes.  I no longer believed that goodbyes were permanent, only temporary.

The nature of the film industry allows you to meet a lot of people in a short amount of time.  And by the nature of the work we do, we come together as a team move mountains to get the shot we need and make miracles happen to make sure that the show has a chance.  Once the project is wrapped, we go our separate ways and may not see each other again for years.  I believe those early goodbyes were preparing me for this industry.  I have met some amazing people who I only communicate with via text, email and social media.  And when we are in town we do what we can to reconnect when we can.

My girlfriend (JD) that moved to New Orleans, moved a year earlier, came back to live in LA for six months and decided to move back to New Orleans.  Knowing that she was moving I made it a point to take time out of rest and packing before I left to have one last girls night dinner with our trio.  She and I have created a trio girls group and have had many dinners and conversations about life, love, men and relationships.  This group of women is amazing and I am glad to be a part of it.  I am glad we had the time that we did to create the bond that we now have.  We spent that last night talking about the usual and how we were going to miss these nights and her.

JD was here long enough for us to get closer to create a tie that will last for years to come.  We were all in need of change when we came together and now that change is unfolding in all of our lives.  We know we will go our separate ways, to separate states, in pursuit of our lives. We understand that each woman is doing the best for herself and her happiness and we are supportive. We are at the stage prior to fully stepping into our light and greatness that we all want and deserve.  I am thankful to have these women in my life. We have a special bond that feels even more special to me as I write about it (considering my past experiences with friends). I am thankful for the memories and our bond. We will see each other again as a trio and that night we all said and believed that this is not goodbye.


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  1. Thank you. I was only on location for a week. It was an experience that is a full circle experience in many, many ways.

  2. Great post. And good luck on location! That’s something a composer rarely has to worry about;)

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