Mindful Monday #8 – Leap of Faith

I am contemplating ANOTHER redirection.

This month has been the hardest month of 2014.  At times I have felt like I am at the center of a hurricane, yet in those moments, to my surprise, I have remained grounded and calm. I have gained a deeper understanding on parts of my life that I didn’t know I needed to understand until it hit me. As a result of finding my voice, living vulnerably and facing my fears, I am at a true crossroads.

My old way of being is in direct conflict with my new way of being. I am at a stale mate because I have not chosen a side.

Step back? Move forward?  The choice is obvious. Move forward. Yet, I’m afraid of the answer to the question I have carried with me. I posted on Facebook this past week that “Sometimes the answer is harder than the question.” That is my reflection of this moment in my life. Another goal for the year has been to surrender to life, which makes my choice to move forward even more obvious. This makes the answer to the question scarier.  I know that this is exactly what I need. It’s been making itself known for sometime and I did my due diligence to make sure that what has bugged me isn’t temporary.

What is the question?  Or more importantly, what is the answer?  I have surrendered to life, but not completely. In an uncertain world we all want to grasp on to something to know that things will be okay. Or to feel grounded by life. But to be truly grounded, one must let go, fully and completely. The answer to my question is FULL SURRENDER.

Take a leap of faith and know that someone or something will catch you. You will land on your feet.

My Mindful Monday quote addresses the leap of faith that is calling my name.