Leap of Faith – Update

Last week on Mindful Monday #8 I wrote about the Leap of Faith that is calling my name.

For sometime I have played with the idea of ANOTHER redirection and my reaction has been in a stale mate.  I mentioned that my old way of being is pushing up against my new way of being and I haven’t chosen a side.  Taking a leap of faith is a 100% risk.

In life I have only taken calculated risks in school and career.  A calculated risk is a risk that isn’t blind or spur of the moment, because it has been thought through before the risk is taken.  I have succeeded in all the calculated risks that I have taken, because I have thoroughly planned all possible outcomes and actions.  All the risks I have taken in my life, have been in love and I have fallen on my face both times.

This year I learned through my voice coach, when you make one compromise your life becomes a series of compromises.  While I have always been the captain of my ship, I have at times made compromises based on fear.

When compromises occur life does it best to redirect you toward the path that will nurture your heart and let your light shine the brightest.

I have had two moments in my life where life stepped in to redirected me towards my path and those moments a betrayal (Out with the Mold) and a bad long-term relationship were some of my hardest experiences.

The most recent Redirection I actively took was in 2013 when I spent the year balancing my life (Redirection: 7 Lessons from Living Differently).  That decision was an easy decision to make because I knew it was what I needed.  It changed my life for the better in ways that I didn’t know that I wanted and needed.  As a result of what I learned, my life has continued to shift and change in the most amazing ways.

My goals to Be Free, Live Vulnerably, Face Fears and Surrender to Life have led me to this crossroad.  After playing with the idea and knowing what I feel I need to do, I have made my decision.


I have decided to take the road less traveled, let go fully and take the leap of faith.  I know this is a 100% risk, however in reflecting on my path all roads lead to this moment and I know that I am making the right decision.  This decision came last Wednesday, I committed to my decision this past Sunday and already, to my surprise, life is responding accordingly.

I know I am on the right path and while I haven’t mentioned what I am leaping towards, know that I am leaping towards my heart and intuition and fully allowing the two to guide me.  I choose to kick logic to the curb it has both helped me in life and hindered me too.  I’m calmed by my decision which makes this feel even more right.  I am excited for the adventure and the path as it unfolds before me.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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