Mindful Monday #10 – Letting go


Mindful-Monday-2The time is coming for me to dive back into writing the third act of my solo piece (The Unimaginable).  I have it all figured out.  I will spend my up coming hiatus diving into my past and writing about one of the hardest moments of my life.  What I have learned in this process of finding my voice (about) and living vulnerably is that I have held on to some painful experiences (Cleansing My Soul) for fear of them reoccurring in my future.   Damn that word fear.  Fears have popped up all over the place this year or maybe I am more mindful of them since my goal for the year is to eliminate any and all fear that I come across (Goals 2014).  In this process what I have discovered is that sometimes we have fears we don’t even know we have and sometimes we have fears that we are afraid to admit.  In writing this third part of my solo piece and in recent conversations that I have had with friends I feel the quote of the week should focus on letting go.