Wisdom Wednesday #2 – What is your Essence? Revisited

The topic of essence came up again in book club.  We already discussed what we thought the Essence of a Person is and our own essence.  This time we were given a week to complete an assignment.  The assignment was to find a video clip, song, music video, commercial etc. that is an example of our essence.  This assignment was the hardest assignment I have ever been given. I really wanted to do justice to the assignment and I put hours of thought into it.

I knew right away what song best represented my essence.  As the week went on about three or four more ideas popped into my head. I could not decide what one piece of media could best describe me?  For a minute I felt my essence was changing which is why I couldn’t find one perfect example that represents my essence.  Then I thought perhaps the essence of a person is so large that it can’t be represented in one thing.  Thinking of my life at this point I found the media that I feel best represents my essence at this time.  When I had the floor I told the group when the group started I felt the essence of me was love, which I feel is true.  I told them that I felt the video clip best represents me because of my outlook on life and because a lot of the points made in the video I have experienced in my life.

This video titled “Dream Motivational Video” by Mateusz M, I originally saw on louisvdv.com.  The first time I saw it, I was so energized by it and its many truths, which I have come to know as I walk down my path.  Those truths address what it takes to make a dream a reality.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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