Grounded – My Month of Writing

This month of writing is taking on a life of it’s own.  I found myself in conversations with authors, a mentor from college, my friend the fiction writer, my friend the spiritual intuitive, my friend the psychologist and my friend the yogi.  If last week was about healing (Heal First, Write Second – My Month of Writing), my second week home was definitely about getting grounded in my work for the month (Shake it Out – My Month of Writing).roots

Through the conversations that I had this past week, I gained knowledge that helps with the goals I set for the month.  My mentor and friends helped me break down my new career goal (Leap of Faith – Update) into mini goals that will assist in helping me meet my larger goal.  And have pointed me towards people or information that will help me on this journey.  To my surprise, two friends, helped me change my perspective on a question I carried with me.  Plus, they helped me start the process of breaking an old pattern of thought, this week.  All this driving around the city and passing by old hangouts, brings up a lot of memories.  Coupled with all the quality time that I am spending with friends those memories will inform my writing and make my writing richer.

I told the universe, prior to this month, that I am ready to let go of anything that isn’t serving me.  I also stated that I am open to anything that comes my way.  This week, I learned that my hiatus for the show that I am on is extended to the end of June.  Thus, the universe has provided me more time to rest, reflect, write and be and for that I am grateful.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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