Mindful Monday #18 – Acceptance in Life

Mindful-Monday-2Good morning.  I have two weeks left before I head back to my life in LA.  As the weeks move forward during my month of meditation aka month of writing, I am pleased with all the realizations and life truths that have come up everywhere I turn.  I had another full circle moment (Coming Full Circle) this weekend.  One of my friends is currently struggling with her expectations in life and the reality of where she finds herself.  This is a place that we all have been and a place very similar to where I was before I decided to pursue a balanced life in 2013 (7 Lessons from Living Differently).  I have talked about expectations (Great Expectations) in earlier posts where I outlined why people resist change even when the writing is on the wall.  However, I left out an area of resistance and that is acceptance.  If we don’t except our present circumstance we become stagnant.  It is only when we accept our present circumstance that we are able to let go and move forward towards the change that we need.  This weeks Mindful Monday quote speaks to the acceptance that we need to move towards what our hearts desire.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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