Mindful Monday #20 – Health

Health has been on my mind A LOT these past few weeks.

In one of my recent post What is Success? I talked about three friends who are recovering from health issues as a result of pushing themselves too hard at work. It will take a year or more for my friends to get their health back to where it should be.

Since I moved to LA, health has been one of my main focuses in living a balanced life. I started eating right, working out, practicing yoga and meditating to the point that I notice a difference in how I feel if I stop any one of these activities.

Three weeks ago I hurt my knee. (My knee has been weak as a result of playing softball for years, when I was younger. And it acts up from time to time.)  While my knee feels better, it still needs more time to heal. Just this past week, I got massage and my massage therapist could tell that I was both stressed and having trouble sleeping at night because of where the tension was in my body.

I have also been thinking a lot about toxins that build up in the body based on stress. Plus, the belief that negative or toxic thoughts can manifest into illness. Now that I am back in Los Angeles, after seven weeks of rest and relaxation, I feel exhausted and I am not really sure why?  Shouldn’t I be rested?  The theme of health has presented itself to me a lot in recent weeks and I feel I need to pay more attention to it more than ever because of how often the message is occurring in my life. 

My mindful Monday quote of the week is on the topic of health.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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