Mindful Monday #22 – Emotion

Happy Monday!!!  It feels like it’s been awhile since my last post, (but it hasn’t been).  My extended weekend was very nice and I hope everyone’s weekend was as nice.  I am currently reading a book called “Calling in ‘the One‘” by Katherine Woodward Thomas.  I first heard of this book about five or six years ago.  Soul sister aka my best girl friend mentioned the book and suggested I read it, after I broke up with a boyfriend.  I rented the book from the library shortly after she suggested it, but I wasn’t at a place to read the book and I returned it.  In the past few months the book has come back into my awareness.  I saw it at a book store when I was in Malibu and almost bought it, but didn’t.  And recently, in May, one of my friends lent me the book to read.  I am so thankful that my friend lent me the book, because I am not sure I would have ever bought the book on my own.  Since I’ve read the book I do plan to buy it and add it to my library.  This book is amazing it’s intent is to prepare you to get ready for your soul mate, by clearing your life of anything that may hold you back from finding the love that you want.  If you are not looking for love, I still suggest that you read this book, because it has a lot of wisdom for living a your best life, understanding people plights/ baggage, it is filled with great wisdom on humanity, relationships and the human condition – it really is a good read.  The most recent chapter I read was on “Developing Emotional Literacy.”  Emotion is something that has come up a lot this year and is something that I have written about a few times.  I feel that there is a disconnect in our lives between our emotion and our intellect.  My voice coach suggested that I allow myself to feel emotions as they come (Life in Seven Breaths).  My goals for the year to be vulnerable and face fear are also holding me to feeling my emotions.  And life is naturally pushing me to feel versus think, when it comes to matters of the heart.  The more I lead with my heart, the more I see that life is filled with matters of the heart.  Considering where I am in my life, I wish to start this week off with a quote about emotion for your consideration.

“When your emotions are allowed to take their proper place in your whole life, all healing is possible, because all energy is available.” – Karla McLaren

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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