Mindful Monday #23 – Tests

Mindful-Monday-2“I feel like I am being tested.”  I told my friend this weekend.  “And I am not sure if I am passing the test?  I just want to get through it.”   I have thought a lot about how life tests our strengths, perspectives, desires and our maturity.  This time last year I felt that I was clearly being tested by life.  I remember it clearly, I was working on a big budget movie, my position was coming to an end and I was offered a new position.  As a freelancer in the film industry, if you are offered more days on a show, you take it.  The other option was unemployment.  It may sound odd, but I chose unemployment.  I worked consistently that year, without a break and I was in dire need of one.  I told myself that when I got the chance to take a break I would take it.  The road not taken lead me to many realizations that are comparable to the realizations that I have had this year.  In the process, last year, I found my voice (The Unimaginable).  Since then my life has never been the same and has pushed me toward this “leap of faith.”   Recently I realized that what feels like a waiting period in the darkness/ unknown is actually a test.  And I am not sure I am passing.  I think one thing I am meant to learn is patience.  That’s why my emotions have flowed like mother nature on a mood swing (How to Feel Your Emotions) these past few weeks.  Since my friends are also tested by life I wanted to find a quote to bring perspective on the things we experience in life that we may not quite understand as we experience them.



I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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