Mindful Monday #24 – Balance

Mindful-Monday-2This weekend I saw a show titled “A Sense of Balance,” by Stoney Lamar.  The show had various sculptures made entirely of wood.  The wood curved in ways that felt natural as though it was taken directly from nature.  At the same time the wood work of the artist was also evident and subtle.  The artist played with the balance of each sculpture so that they were all top-heavy, yet sturdy due to the metal work that fused the wood together and often acted as a counter balance to each piece.

Balance is a topic I have thought about a lot since I have lived in LA.  As a Libra, my astrological symbol is the scale because we balance people, can see both sides of  a situation and weigh all options before we act.  This week the concept of balance has shown up around each corner making me think of all the areas of life that involve balance.  From friends as my counter balance to a work/ life balance and the over all challenge and delicate nature of finding and maintaining balance.  The quote for the week speaks to the work/ life balance in a way that I feel brings a new perspective to it.



I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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