Mindful Monday #25 – Patience

Mindful-Monday-2Enter sigh of relief here…ahhhh.

The weeks preceding my month of writing were the most challenging and emotional weeks I experienced this year.

In February and March, I was in a similar emotional place as I witnessed in the moment many full circle moments and had realizations that made me feel humbled and grateful.

My month of writing was emotional, but it was as a result of seeing my life and the world with new eyes.

The weeks preceding my month of writing is the result of embracing the previous moments. Just two weeks ago, I felt very confused and lost and I wondered if I was passing my current test in life.  I understood my life up to that point, but this leap of faith has challenged me greatly, it has also taught me to do the best I can to be comfortable with the unknown.  But this week the lesson or message I have been looking for came and for that I am thankful.

My Facebook post this weekend read: ” My lesson for the week is the importance of patience and trust. It has been very painful to be patient this year, with a particular goal I set, but this week I started to see all that patience pay off. All the goals I set for myself this year have come together nicely and have taken a surprising turn. This has all been possible through diligence and trust that things will turn out the way they need to.”

Trust and faith are hard because they are intangible. How can you trust and have faith in something you don’t see?  Yet in the best of times we trust and have faith and in the worst of times we need to do the same.  What can get us through the darkest moments is patience. Remember the moments of beauty that you have experienced in your life and trust in the moments of darkness and confusion that you will see that beauty again.  Improv has taught me that things can change from moment to moment, have faith and be patient that your current circumstance is temporary. 

My Mindful Monday quote for the week is on the patience that we need to find or strengthen within us to live our best lives.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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