Mindful Monday #28 – Inspire

Mindful-Monday-2I said good-bye to a friend this weekend at his going away party.  I’ve known him only for a year, but within the year we have become good friends.  I am both excited and sad to see him go.  My friend isn’t moving, but he is unsure if/ when he will be back.  So I am not sure if/ when I will see him again.  He decided to follow in my footsteps with both my re-direction from last fall and this years leap of faith.  He told me that he has paid attention to the lessons that I have come to learn and realize this past year and has applied them to his own life.  So, my friend will take six months off of work to rest and re-direct his life/ career and be open to what comes like my leap of faith calls for.  This is the second time that my actions and words have inspired action in someone I know since I have lived in Los Angeles.  Almost two years ago, one of my girlfriends called me up and told me she was moving to New York in a week.  I almost died when she told me because a week earlier she started to settle into a life with her boyfriend of over a year that she moved with to a new city.  She was inspired that I left a comfortable life in my home time, moved to LA and took a chance at furthering my career in the entertainment industry.  She said I inspired her to be honest with herself on what she wanted and decided to take bold action and move to New York where she wanted to be all along.

We don’t exist in a vacuum.   We are wired to connect.   To understand.  To create.  To Inspire.  My mindful Monday quote reflects on the unintended spark that happens when we live in our authenticity and are bold with the life we live.


Who has inspired you in your life?  Who have you inspired?

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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