Find Your Light


We live in darkness.

We either choose to be blind or are unaware that we are blind.  We choose to stay naïve instead of seeking deeper knowledge on issues that affect the community.

The most common darkness is hiding our true self or lying to our self about our happiness with our life or our career.

In the past year, several friends have revealed to me that they are discontent.  Few have made radical steps towards change in their life.  (Mindful Monday #28 – Inspire)  Others have made minor changes, while other hide behind a mask, play the role they feel safe playing or self medicate with drugs or alcohol, gaming, computers, shopping etc.

The environments we come from shape our personality, our beliefs, our perspective and the degree that we believe in our abilities and ourselves. Things people have told us at moments of our life build us up or cut us down (Un-Masked) and the things we tell our self have the same effect.  If we give words power they will continue to effect us long after they were even spoken. 

Words can enslave us to the point that they not only shape how we think, but shape how we live.  (Mindful Monday #2 – Power of Thought)


It is always a challenge to see beyond a struggle or belief we hold of our self or our life.  Some people know change is needed, but don’t have the resources. Others hope that their circumstances change and end up hoping for years and years.  Then there are people who are afraid of the unknown so they choose to stay in an unhappy situation. (Mindful Monday #21 – Fear)  Others don’t feel that they are worthy or deserve better than the life they know.  If any of these descriptions apply to you please consider the alternative.

Find your light.

“Find your light” is a known phrase used in the entertainment industry.  It refers to actors finding the light that will best illuminate them so they can be seen on stage or on camera.  “Finding your light” in life, means to find the place where you will shine.  Find the life you were created to live and the career that was meant for you. We find our light by discovering who we are, what we want and how we want to impact the world. To do this you need to be honest with yourself about your true thoughts and feelings.  (Mindful Monday #3 – Reflection)  (Life in Seven Breaths) And you need to be honest with others and break down walls that you have built out of your need for self-preservation.  (Never Alone)

We do not live in a vacuum.  The world is constantly changing. Rather then have the world shaped by a small few; it is best if it is shaped by all of us. It is our life’s purpose to contribute to the greater good of society via writing, art, teaching, ethical business practices, volunteering etc.  Everyone in the world has a reason for being and finding your purpose in life is part of life’s journey.  (What is success?)  When you choose to be vulnerable you truly honor yourself and are in a better position to see life with a new lens.

“If you are playing a persona and that persona is rejected, you may think it’s okay because your persona was rejected and not the real you,”  I told youth at the leadership conference I spoke at a few weeks ago.  “If you are the real you and you get rejected it’s going to hurt. […] That does not mean that there is something wrong with you. It doesn’t mean that you are unworthy of love. It just means that those people that reject you are not for you.”  (Out with the Mold)

The people that reject you will guide you toward the people that will allow you to shine in your authentic light.

Find YOUR light, but not the light that your parents or friends feel is best for you.  Breaking down your walls. Seeing the truth of your life in this moment, no matter how hard it may be, is what you need to get to a better place. You are not alone. There are people that dare to live the life they imagine.  True happiness is possible and can only be obtained when you live in your full authenticity.  My voice coach told me, “if you compromise your life [or yourself] your life will become a series of compromises.”  How many compromises have you made in your life?  How many more will you continue to make?  Consider the alternative.

Besides your inner light shining, there is also an illuminated path that can only be discovered when you choose to follow your heart and follow the dream that won’t die.  (Lose Sight of the Shoreline)  The dream that wakes you up at night and keeps bugging you in moments when you are trying to make your present moment work.  Honor you intuition and trust that life is guiding you towards what is best for you. Honor yourself and know that you are worthy of greatness. (What is your Essence? Revisited)

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” – Brene Brown


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  1. Thank you so much.

  2. Spiritual Intuitive & Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureux says:

    This is a really insightful and well thought out piece. I will be visiting.

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