Mindful Monday #35 – Courage

Mindful-Monday-2I started taking stand-up comedy classes a few weeks ago.  My goal to be a motivational speaker led me to study stand-up comedy.  It has always been a challenge for me to be me on stage, and I know it’s because of fear of judgement.  In any new setting, I always lead with a professional foot, or I am quiet until I am comfortable.  I want to be me, the me that I am with my friends and family, with everyone I meet.  I never thought I would take a stand-up comedy class.  Or do a lot of the things that I have done this year.  A few weeks ago I found myself embodying a cat for an improv scene, which I would not have done a year ago.  But the scene called for a cat, I had the intuitive hit to be that character and I became a cat.  All the changes that have occurred in my life are the result of my wish to breakthrough any fears that pop up.  The more fears I face, the more my life is given a new energy.  With each wall of fear I breakthrough, I find myself more willing to explore what’s behind the next wall I discover.  Life has become a real adventure since I started living in this way.  There really isn’t anything we can’t do.  We just need to allow ourselves to see life as though anything is possible, because anything is possible.  I am gaining a deeper understanding of this truth by my willingness to try.  This weeks Mindful Monday quote is a reflection of the relationship life has to courage.


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