A New Perspective – Lessons from My Month of Writing – Part II

My month of writing was my intention to go home for one month to write the last piece of my solo show.  While home, I quickly learned that my purpose for being there was beyond my intention.  I am very reflective and can always see all sides of any issue, but that month taught me more lessons about perspective.

You are not alone.

It is hard to grasp that someone in the world can truly understand our struggle or circumstance.  What I have come to understand is that the more open I am about my life, the more people I meet that open up and admit that they too are in a similar place.  There is something very comforting when someone we personally know tells us: “I understand.  I am there too”.  It is a great comfort to know that you are not alone, but in order to meet people who share your story… you need to start sharing your story.

Sometimes you just need rest.

Each time I am at my parent’s home I feel exhausted, but I never feel tired when I am in my daily grind.  No matter what I do, I can’t get enough rest when I visit my family.  Is it because I work too hard, work too much or don’t get the rest I need when I am home, I have no idea?  Whatever the reason, my body speaks to me the loudest when I am in a new environment.  Or perhaps that’s when I hear my body fully?  Listening to my body beyond intuition, emotions and meditation is something I continue to work on, since my body always draws attention to the rest that I am not getting.  Once I took pressure off myself to write, I was able to relax and get the full rest I needed.

super-mario-brosLevel Up.

While I dated my “soul mate” for a short amount of time, I learned many valuable lessons.  The most important lesson that I learned is that I “leveled up.”  In video games, you level up when you earn a certain amount of points or beat the current level, which allows you to graduate or move on to the next level of the game.  To level up in life means that you are growing and maturing to the point that you have reached the next level of circumstances that will help you grow and mature further.  My soul mate taught me that I have leveled up to the relationship and men that are the best for me and my life.


Life will guide you toward a clearer perspective.

As a goal setter I have learned that it is best to focus on the step ahead of you instead of the entire staircase or path.  At points of my goal setting process I will step back and look at the bigger picture to see how far I have come and how far I need to go, for any given goal.  While I have acknowledged the broad strokes of my progress in my career, it is the finite detail of my knowledge that surprised me.  It wasn’t until I helped with two educational programs, that I was able to recognize the scope of all the business, legal and customer service knowledge I gained from my experience of working in the entertainment industry.  It was even more of a surprise to recognize that my skill set and work knowledge have become second nature to me.

You are right where you need to be.

Within my first week home I clearly understood that I was meant to be home because of the lessons I learned each day including “you are right where you need to be”.  This lesson came up again towards the end of my time home.  The show that I was on, which was on hiatus for a month, was pushed back another month.  Since I had more time, I decide to stay home to help a friend with an educational writing program that she was being trained to run.  She felt weighed down for a lot of reasons, and called me early each morning because she was very stressed.  Each time I coached her towards gaining a new perspective on the situation.  If I was not home, I could not have help my friend in the way that I helped her.  It was during this time that I saw just how far I have come to see a situation as objectively as possible and see the point of view of all the parties involved.  It also taught me how far I have come with my coaching style.  In the most obscure moments trust that you are right where you meant to be.

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