Thankful Thursday # 1- The Highlights

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For the week (this Thursday to next Thursday), think about all the highlights or the good times of your personal year of 2014.  What did you celebrate?  What have you achieved?  How have you grown?  What did you discover?  Can you think of at least three highlight from your year that you are thankful for?  Did you think of more than three highlights?

If you can only think of one thing, that’s a good start, don’t judge yourself.

Here is my list of three:

  • I am grateful for the three speaking opportunities that I had this year.  They were completely unexpected.
  • I am grateful for achieving my goal of being vulnerable in my writing and writing weekly.
  • I am grateful for the experience of month of writing and all the lessons that I learned.

Please share what you are grateful for under the comments section or tell a loved one.  If sharing is a challenge for you, state out loud to yourself what you are grateful for.

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