Mindful Monday #40 – Happiness

Life is simple, it’s always been that way.  Life can be hard when it tests us to see if we learned the lesson that we needed to learn to get to the next place in life.  Many times, life tests us to see if we really want whatever goal, wish or intention that we set or have been working towards obtaining.  Besides life’s tests, I feel many times we make life harder than it needs to be.  We like to lie to ourselves often to stay in our comfort zone and fear helps us stay there too.  Add assumptions and judgements to the mix with a side of personal agendas that’s when aspects of life become hard to handle.  In many cases, we may be completely blind to the level of greatness and possibility that we have within our selves to create either greatness or destruction.  It’s all a matter of choice.  What ever place you find yourself in life, there is one simple thing to remember regarding  this weeks Mindful Monday quote.

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