Thankful Thursday #4 – The Love that Surrounds You

For the final week (this Thursday to next Thursday), think about all the highlights, the struggle and the in-between moments of your personal year of 2014.  Who are the people who have celebrated your successes with you?  Who are the people who stood by you when you struggled?  Who are the people who have been apart of your in-between or your day to day?  Who are the people who helped you change your perspective, taught you something this year or helped you this year?  Is there any person or people who came to mind more than once?  Have you ever acknowledge that these people as blessings in your life?  Do these people know that you appreciate them?  If you say I think they know I appreciate them, then error on the side that they do not know you appreciate them.  And even if you have told them, tell them again.  We all need to know that we are appreciated and that we matter.  We all need to know that our presence in each others lives and our words of encouragement make a difference.

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Can you think of at least three people you are thankful for?

Here is my list of three:

  • My college mentor.
  • My spiritual mentor.
  • My parents.

Please write a note of thanks to each person that has had an impact on your life this year.  Or, tell them in person how they affected you.  If they are no longer with us, then write a letter in your journal and read it out loud.

Writing notes of thanks is a practice I have done since I was betrayed.  It’s for this action that I have grown to truly love Thanksgiving.

If you follow though with this step, please let me know about your experience in doing this.  Have a wonderful day and Happy Thanksgiving.

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