Mindful Monday #46 – Pain

I am so happy, content and at peace with all the moments of 2014.  I’m very, grateful to see all the growth, wisdom and goals that I achieved this year too.  This week, I realized that I also achieved long term goals that I set a few years ago.  I worked so hard for everything that is in my life and I am so happy to see it all come together.  I just got home for the holidays this weekend and I feel exhausted.  The entertainment industry has the craziest hours.  Recently work has pushed my limits with early mornings and late evenings and my body has struggled to adjust. I feel I am also tired because of everything I have experienced within the year.  It’s like my body is taking a sigh of relief from all the pain it’s endured.  As the year comes to an end, I hoped I was in the clear from experiencing anymore of life roughness.  Life has proved otherwise.  I got some heartbreaking news yesterday.  Using my breath work I allowed the emotions to pass through me (Life in Seven Breaths) and more importantly I was able to see my growth in action and identify in the moment, the gift that life provided.  I wanted today’s post to be festive and holiday related, but it wouldn’t be authentic for me to do that with how I am feeling.  While I will be okay, this weeks Mindful Monday is a quote regarding the pain that catches you off guard.


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