Mindful Monday #47 – Reflection


The new year is upon us in less than three days.  Where did the time go?  While this whole year felt like it was going so fast, there were moments where it felt like it slowed down and moments when it felt like time stopped.  I felt every moment of this year both large and small.  I am thankful that I wrote about what I learned each step of the way.  As a goal setter, reflection is necessary to assess your progress.  I have always reflected on my life since I was young.  My reflection deepened when I was betrayed in college.  I reflect so much that when I am with friends, I can point out lessons or signs from their lives to be mindful of.  I haven’t written my reflection piece yet and I’m not sure what I want to write about.  But in the nature of this time of the year, today’s Mindful Monday quote is in relation to Reflection.



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