Face Your Fears

stock-photo-46705118-2014-to-2015-business-target-3d-renderWhew. What a year?! I can’t believe it happened and I can’t believe it’s over. The way last year started was far different from how it ended. 2014 was filled with many new experiences and profound lessons that I cannot summarize and do it justice.  I thought about this post for several days and played with writing about the highlights of the year or recap the lessons that I learned.  After spending hours thinking about what to write, on New Years day at 1AM I sat at my computer and wrote the first of 5 letters to myself (via FutureMe.Org). The first letter I wrote was my personal end of the year reflection letter (that I will receive on 12/31/15). While writing the letter, I reviewed my letters from 2013 and 2012. This year, unlike years prior, I summarized what I experienced and learned month by month because I didn’t want to forget all the greatness and all the trials I experienced.

Reflecting on the year and reviewing old letters lead to new lessons or realizations. Goals that I set for myself since 2010, that I haven not focused on, have manifested in my life. There were positive thoughts that I told myself, to get through rough moments, that become a personal lesson or truth the following year. The most remarkable thing that I realized is how each year set me up for the next year. While I felt that I led my life this whole time, I realized that I was guided by life. The only difference with 2014, is that I approached every moment with open arms and chose to “stand in the center of the fire […] and not shrink back” which Oriah wrote about in her poem The Invitation.

My approach to life in 2014 changed my life in many ways and in ways I have yet to know. There is a light within each of us that wants to shine brightly. There are desires within out heart that want to know the light of day. There is a life that is waiting patiently for us to rise up and be open to it and all it’s possibilities. And there is a love that we desire that is waiting for us to believe. To let your light shine, unleash your hearts desires and attract the love you want do your best each day to:

  1. Remove negative, limiting thoughts. What we think really does become our reality and shapes how we see and experience the world.
  2. Check in with yourself i.e. your intuition and your emotions. When your honor your intuition and allow your self to feel and experience the full range of your emotions, they will grow stronger and guide you towards the life you desire.
  3. Be willing to walk boldly towards your dreams. Believe in the possibility of your dreams, nurture them and give them air to breathe and grow.
  4. Let go. Let go of your expectations or the expectations that others place on you for your career, life and love. Your life is yours to live and live it fully.
  5. Do your best to face your fears. My voice coach told me that “fear is the signpost of future growth”.  After facing each fear that presented itself to me this year, I can say there is great reward on the other side of each fear.

My 6 Word Memoir for 2014:

2014 Was Amazing.  Face Your Fears.

Happy New Year!  May you open your heart to all the possibilities of life so that they may unfold within your life.

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