Mindful Monday #49 – True Direction


Happy New Year!  How was your first full week of 2015?  My week was amazing!!!  Not once, or twice but three times this week a change in plans or a literal wrong turn while driving lead me to places where I ran into friends that I haven’t seen in months.

This week was filled with planned encounters with old friends, newer friends and brand new friends too.  In checking in with my friends, many of them are having a rough start to the year.  For those of you who too are having a rough start to this year, this post is for you.

While it’s unfortunate to start a year, a day or an activity off on the wrong foot, you can only go up from here.

Yes, things can get worse, but it is your choice to either choose to see the possibilities or choose to see what is lacking in this moment. So many great things are found, strengthened or learned within our struggle. Embrace it. Life is a continuum of both high and low.

What I have come to learn about struggle and contentment is that it’s our life, soul or heart trying to either get our life on track or get our attention so it can be truly heard.

Why are you struggling?  What is your life, soul or heart trying to tell you?  Is there a relationship that has gone past it’s expiration date, a job that is draining your soul or toxic habits that are weighing on you?  Whatever you learn, don’t hide it or judge it.

Try to understand your struggle and what you are being pointed towards. True DirectionIf you like this post, please like, comment or share it on social media.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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