Mindful Monday #50 – What You Really Want

Mindful-Monday-2I know today isn’t Monday and Tuesday is almost done.  For a good portion of the evening, I thought tomorrow was Thursday?  It’s already January 20th, where did the first part of the month go?  My life has been a whirlwind since the year began.  Everything is different.  Everything.  New job, new apartment, a flood of new friends, new non-profit work and new possibilities I have yet to know.  I had a feeling 2015 would be this busy/ crazy/ amazing, but I didn’t know that I would have no time to catch my breath.  And I didn’t know that my limits would be tested so soon.  While I have already set my goals for 2015, I haven’t incorporated them into my life because I am trying to balance all the changes that have come so quickly.  While this month is very disorienting, it has been an amazing start to the year.  All the hard work of last year and years prior have really paid off all because I held on to a vision, chose to follow my heart and change the energy in my life.

The quote for this weeks Mindful Monday comes from a book called The Artist Way.  The Artist Way is one of the must read books for artist to find a source of inspiration to have the courage to create and build their life around their craft.  This specific quote speaks not only to the artist, but to anyone who has a vision, a pull, yearning or calling in their heart.  Happy Mon…err Tuesday.  😛