Enjoy the Moment

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Happy Friday.  This year has really taken off at light speed and I feel a bit disoriented.  I am doing my best to find my footing and gain balance with the pace of this new year.  While the days and weeks fly by, there have been several moments since the start of the year that I have paused to soak it all in.  In each of those moments, I stepped into my present and experienced every bit of that moment, felt my happiness and expressed gratitude for the event, realization or person that prompted me to pause in the first place.  For the first time in my life, I can say that every aspect of my life is working.  I am living a life beyond what I dreamed.  The road that got me here was so very hard.  It wasn’t until I did my 2014 year end reflection, that I saw how each mindful choice I made, to truly honor my truth and my heart, brought me here.  This past fall I struggled with a lot, all of which was on the theme of fully trusting life.  (Mindful Monday #38 – Above the Waves) (Mindful Monday # 43 – Surrender) This struggle was a full drawn out two-month battle.  Trust ultimately won when I realized that I needed to surrender.  (Mindful Monday #43 – Surrender)  Since that day, everything fell into place with ease.  Now I am leading a life blessed by my surrender, hard work and mindful choices.  This is truly living.

Whether you are at the mountain top, climbing the mountain or in the moat pause to soak it all in.  We only experience the present one moment at a time before it becomes the past.  Each moment is a moment to change or choose again.  Each moment is a moment that you can choose to step towards or away from your light or the life that is tugging at your heart.  Nothing is permanent or guaranteed and in a moment it can all change so enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the good, enjoy the hard, enjoy the struggle, enjoy the broken heart, enjoy the love, you can’t have one without the other.  All struggle leads to something wonderful if you choose to hang in there.

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