Cloudy with a Chance of Tears


I thought today was Thursday. Even though, I flew home yesterday (aka Thursday); I still believed for the entire day that today was Thursday. That’s how my week has been all week. Cloudy. Cloudy…with a chance of tears.

This month has really knocked the wind out of me. Last weekend was hard because I got upsetting news and I’ve spent the week in seclusion because of how much the news has dominated my thoughts. I wasn’t sure which moments I would cry and which moments I would laugh.

I have thought about this post all week, but I couldn’t focus. Sometimes life hits you hard and all you can do is the best you can under the hardest of circumstances and be okay with the effort that you put forth.

My aunt died on Monday, quite unexpectedly and I am taking it quite hard. She is not the first in my life to pass, in fact, I have known death since I was seven. Yet, I am shocked. She was the youngest aunt in the family and I thought she had many years ahead of her. It’s all happened so fast and we (my family and I) are trying to catch our breaths.

I’m not going to tell you to hug a loved one today, because you should do that every day. I am not going to tell you to tell someone what they mean to you, because you should do that every day too. I will tell you to realize just how delicate life is and how quickly it all can change. Let go of the illusion that you are in control. A life well lived is loosening your grip on it and having faith that life will work out in your favor while you make conscious efforts towards your goals and dreams. Express gratitude for your life and the blessings within it because it can all change in a second and nothing is guaranteed.

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