Mindful Monday #55 – Self Love


We are in the final week of February.  I am relieved that the month is almost done.  I hope the month ends sweeter then it’s sour beginning.  My goal for the month is to write a post each week that reflects the various types of love that exist.  To my surprise, based on what occurred in my life these past few weeks, each post had a heavier tone then I wanted.  In many cases, I feel it was very necessary to write honestly and not cover or hide my truth.  Not all of life is easy and while we shouldn’t dwell on the hard, it is important to honor, acknowledge and listen to our lives and ourselves in our hardest moments.  Nothing in life was ever accomplished by sweeping things under the rug, that’s when skeleton’s in the closet come out and haunt you.  Facing my fears last year and this year means to look at everything with a critical eye and let go of what isn’t working regardless of the fears that anyone places on me as I seek to go where few choose to go.  When you face your fears, you need to love yourself enough to know that in the end what matters first and foremost is the happiness of your heart.  A solid internal foundation is the best place to grow love and generate pure love and good in a world that desperately needs to be loved.  This weeks theme of love is in relation to self love.

Self-Love-Quotes-1Have a wonderful Monday may you feel the love within yourself and in your life on a daily basis.

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  1. candidkay says:

    I respect your honesty. Truly. When we’re not authentic, it shows in our writing. Be where you’re at is my motto:). Even when not pretty.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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