Mindful Monday #56 – Make YOU Happy

It’s still Monday!  The day is not done.

March officially kicks off my “back to basics” goal to get back into the habit of my Mind, Body and Soul goals i.e. meditating daily (soul), bring back yoga (body/ health) and digging deeper with Improv (Mind).

While I set these goals in the past and achieved each goal, I am bring them back into my life to counter balance my continued goals to Face Fear, Let Go, Be Vulnerable and my newest goal Be Present.  It is really exciting to assert these older goals because of how much they benefited me in the past.  I believe they will benefit me for my present and future too.  I really feel these three goals are goals that I need in my life at this time.  I know there will be tough times ahead based on my chosen journey and I am actually pumped to face the fear or challenge that comes next.  (I need to remind myself that I wrote this when I am in the thick of my next challenge.)  I feel the next challenge is around the corner based on where my life is moving.  In preparation for the next challenge new friendships have emerged since I let the dust settle on all my friendships last month.  Life IS amazing.

There were a lot of great ideas that came to mind during my meditations this Sunday and I spent today thinking of which thought is best to share.  In the vein of last weeks posts on the relationship you have with yourself, today’s Mindful Monday quote moves forward personal happiness.  Have an amazing week.

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