Is there anyone in your life at the moment or from your past that makes you sick? They irritate you?  Bother you?  And You’d be okay if you never saw them again?

Everyone at one point in their life or another knows or knew someone that they had trouble embracing.  Perhaps at times we have been people that others have had trouble embracing too.

While we know our stories and want people to see, love and understand us, how often do we seek to understand others?

How often do we seek to understand others beyond surface level?  When I was a teenager I came across a quote that said something to the extent of:

“if you were to get one additional piece of information on someone, your view of them would completely change.”

It is the essence of that quote, that I have been thinking about a lot lately.  Have you ever had a friend tell you something that completely changed your understanding of them?  Without that new piece of information, you would have continued to think that they were happier than you, had more than you or that their life was perfect.  How often do we see others beyond and image / idea / concept and see them as human?


I saw Wicked for the first time this week.  I absolutely loved the musical it is very well written and does very well explaining the moments in between the scenes that we don’t see from The Wizard of OzWicked is the back story to the Wicked Witch of the West (from the Wizard of Oz) and tells the story of how she became the sinister antagonist that we know.

As I watched the musical the quote I came across in high school ran through my mind.  The once sinister character that we’ve grown to dislike over the years, is humanized in the telling of her story and her truth.  Had we not known the story of the Wicked Witch, we may not have had a chance to get to know her in a way that makes her human.  There are a lot of misunderstandings and divisions in this world.

There is a lot of darkness, anger, pain and suffering too and those who are in that place not always, but sometimes cause physical, emotional, psychological harm to others on both small and large scales. 

I am not trying to justify the harm others cause, I just want you to understand that hurt people, hurt people.  Hurt people, hurt people.  Hurt…people…hurt…people.

The older I get and ponder world peace, the more I see that we’ve had it wrong this whole time.  You can not fight fire with fire.  Only light can overpower darkness.  Only love can heal our deepest wounds.  Peace starts when we heal the broken parts of our lives, our hearts and ourselves.  Once that is done, then we are at a better place to see everyone (regardless of whatever category we put them in) as human.  Humans that make mistakes, have fears and doubts, struggle and just want to be loved.  Start spreading love everywhere you go, love is the only thing that can heal a broken heart, a broken person and a broken world.

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