Mindful Monday #58 – Voyage of Discovery

Ever since I saw the musical Wicked, I have noticed that their has been a shift in my awareness.  In fact, this awareness shift has been very gradual, but was fully brought to my attention when I wrote my Wicked post.  The way I deconstructed the musical is the way I have been deconstructing a lot of recent events that I or others have experienced.  In the moments of some heightened experiences, I have quickly deconstructed all the possible outcomes of a situation.  In many cases, I am starting to see the limits of my mortality, limits of humanity and limits of my personal power.  In all cases, I have felt really small with this new awareness.  I am not the person that takes things for granted and I know I am not immortal, but to move fully into being grounded in total mortality is very humbling.  This has informed the way I communicate with others too.  This weeks mindful Monday speaks to the new vision that has taken over my sight.

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