Wisdom Wednesday #33 – Resume or Eulogy?

It’s April Fools Day! I hope you can get through the day without someone pulling a prank on you. There are no pranks here today, but the opposite – a semi heavy subject.

If you follow my blog regularly, you know that February was a very, very hard month. Of all the hard moments of that month, the hardest was the death of my aunt. In fact, it was such an abrupt experience that I handled that moment the best I could. I pushed through the workday and focused only on work.  Each night after work I stayed home alone to feel the loss.

All my evening activities stopped cold that week because I didn’t know what moments I would keep it together and what moments I would be in tears. I only told the few people that I saw that week what happened and acted like everything was fine, but I felt less then fine. It wasn’t until I posted my Cloudy with A Chance of Tears post that Soul Sister and a few of my other friends who read my blog found out about the loss. It’s been over a month since her passing and I have moments of disbelief and moments where I struggle to wrap my mind around the struggles she had in life and the struggles people have in life in general.

72889_10200464459067447_1494064357_nI have known death since I was seven years old.  When I was very young, I set the goal to live my best life and strive to reach my full potential. it is with all death that I am reminded that while I get scared and doubt, I am on the right path because I follow my heart and intuition.  It is my goal to help people live their best life because it’s possible, everyone is worth their dreams and life is meant to be enjoyed not suffered through.

Today’s Wisdom Wednesday is a TED Talk by David Brooks who addresses the two lives we are confronted to live; the life that we generate on a resume and the life that feels good within our heart/ soul i.e. the eulogy.

What life are you living?  Which life do you want to live?  What are you doing to make that life a reality?

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