Double Down

It is hard to live in the unknown, but everything in life is unknown. Life is created moment by moment and some moments we can and cannot predict. I’m currently living in a moment that I predicted a few weeks ago, but never imagined a few months ago.

My current situation in life will work out, but the inevitable fear of what is to come winds in and out of my day. Last week I waited patiently to come to the answer to a tough question regarding my current great unknown. I didn’t want to react, I wanted to simply act. (This is a sign of growth and progress.) On Friday the answer came to me as I got ready to start the day.

I thought about my Surrender this past fall, to trust the great unknown fully and completely. Only when I surrendered back then, the answer I searched for, for almost three months came in an instant. Upon that reflection, in my current state of fear, I accepted the following truth:

Sometimes You Need To Let Go

However, taking a leap of faith means to trust or have faith that I will land on my feet and that life will work out. Life always works out and often in ways that we didn’t anticipate.

I need to remind myself to trust that something greater then I can not imagine can come if I am open and present to see and receive it. I feel this current struggle of mine is a preparation to receive what I have spent the last year working toward. In fact, I have had so many signs and reminders almost daily now, that I am on the right path. I am further along in my growth and understanding then I realize.

Life is pushing me to own what I know and own it fully and completely so that I can take the next step with confidence. I also noticed lately that my confidence in this vision is increasing, my vision is moving from an idea to to something that feels more tangible. I am making the most of my current situation and utilizing this time to continue to push towards my personal goals and be ready when the moment arrives.

Even with fear surrounding me, I am choosing to Double Down on my goals and push forward. “Double Down” is a term that we use in improv.  When we feel like we are stumbling or loosing our grip in a scene we are told to Double Down and commit further to the moment and trust that the moment or the scene will work out. In this case I am doubling down on my vision and trust that it will be better then my current vision and level of understanding.

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