Mindful Monday #61 – Regret

Happy Monday! I am currently out of state, at home with my family for the week. Coming home is always a blessing because I get to spend time with friends and family.

For me, home is a place where I can rest and relax. I always gain great insights here because I am able to fully unplug from the quick/ hectic/ chaotic energy that is Los Angels.

Either today or tomorrow (I’m not sure) is my 1 year anniversary of my leap of faith. I made the decision in private before I made the announcement in this blog. I honestly didn’t know back then what the decision would mean for me in the long run and how my life and I would change. Had I known, I would have marked my calender to remember that date always. There were no other options, because I tried everything else.

Questioning to take the leap was me coming to terms logically with what I felt intuitively. I intend to write a reflection piece of what I learned or realized as a result of my leap of faith.  Staying true to Mindful Monday here is one thing I have learned from my leap.


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