The Point of No Return – Leap of Faith – 1 Year Anniversary – Reflection

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The time has arrived, she thinks to herself. She begins to type the first of several keystrokes and sighs one big sigh. The sigh is not a stressful sigh, but peaceful. It’s a refreshing sigh that is characteristic of mouthwash or toothpaste commercials. As she continues to type, a sense of gratitude, peace and bliss wash over her. These emotions are not foreign to her, she has felt them before and they are becoming her norm.


My leap of faith is here. I did it! Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary when I announced my decision to throw caution to the wind and take the 100% risk to redirect my life towards the great unknown. I’ve spent this past week reflecting on my year and getting my mindset back to where it was a year ago. I remember when I wrote the “Leap of Faith – Update” post, I was bothered that I found myself at that cross road. I felt restless, believed that there was more to life, but I didn’t want to notice it.  Learning to trust my intuition and listening to my body makes it hard to ignore, when your life is screaming at you. At that point, I was living the result of a re-direction that came from my goal to balance my life. After I found my voice I thought that that was all I needed. Finding my voice changed the game, my life and me. Life got real. (Get Real – My Leap of Faith – Reflection)

Everything in my life is different. Everything. Some of the changes are the result of my leap of faith, while other changes are from seeds I planted over the years that are in bloom. I have everything I wanted. Everything. You can get what you want. You just need to believe in your dream, in your ability and in you. Be patient to receive what you desire and let go of your expectation and the timeline that you have for when you want to obtain what is deepest in your heart(As a goal setter, timelines are an effective tool to give you the extra push to achieve your goal. The timeline I am referring to are life timelines that result in the following thoughts: I thought I would be married by now, have kids by now, be further in my career, etc.)


The leap of faith was my choice to move toward a new career as a writer, speaker and storyteller, (which was realized as a result of blogging). Since then I have spoken on three occasions to various groups of teens. Plus, I am pushing myself in ways to grow as a storyteller. I love speaking because I want to help people heal and live their best lives. I can relate to a lot of people because I have often been on the outside. Being silent all those years, I noticed a lot and heard a lot. Plus, I have always felt a lot. Speaking and writing is strengthening my voice and I am trusting it more. I have noticed that I don’t filter my thoughts or words as much as I once did.

Recently a friend criticized me and stated that if I found my voice why can’t I fully let go? Finding my voice was my realization that I had been hidden this whole time for fear of getting hurt. I’ve been hurt a lot. It was also the realization that my voice and myself were not alighted because there was a time that I could only speak through my art and writing. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I am working on breaking down walls and facing fears that keep me from fully standing strong in my own light. Recently, I have begun to fear stepping out because it is a vulnerable place. It was from this place where I was hurt in the first place. People are noticing my new found, deepened confidence and my beaming happiness. While I am afraid to get hurt, I know that hiding myself ultimate hurts me and hinders my growth and life.

The most important things that I have learned from this leap is:

  1. You cannot control life. Control is an illusion. At any moment everything can change whether you are ready for the change or not. Once you accept this truth, life gets easier.
  2. Do not fear the unknown. Life itself is the great unknown.
  3. You have all that you need, and you need all that you have. Life provides you with what you need.
  4. Find your flow. Find out what you truly like and don’t like, don’t inhibit it or filter it in any way.  Honor your flow.
  5. Let go of any baggage or grip you feel you need to have on you life. Go with the flow of life. Life isn’t mean to be feared, it is meant to be embraced.


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