My Aching Heart

Apparently this year is the year where I write blog posts that scare me. Of the handful of blog post that I have hesitated to both write and post this year, this one has caused me to hold my breath because I am terrified of what I will uncover.

I don’t know where to start? I had the brilliant idea to write tomorrow’s post a few weeks ago, but as the date slowly crept up on me so did my fear to write it. I’ve been agitated and unpleasant this week. I don’t know what has caused it? I’ve been hyper sensitive since I have worked with the girls through the non-profit. It hurts me at how unstable our world is and how we act like everything is okay. We also act like we don’t see that the world is hurting. What floors me is that there are people out there that don’t have a clue that the world is hurting. My life is unraveling, it has been unraveling for awhile and I have no control over it. I know that you can’t control life so I am learning to trust the process that I willingly agreed to when I took my leap of faith and surrendered to the universe. Right about now I feel like a teenager who is being told that what is happening to me is for my own good, even though I don’t quite understand what is going on at the moment. Now I find myself, on the eve of the anniversary of meeting the soulmate and my heart is aching.

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