Mindful Monday #65 – Keep Going

Happy Monday. It’s the start of a new week. I’ve been in a funk lately. I feel like I have hit a wall and feel like their are no visible options to help me through this time. I keep thinking I missed something along the way and I have been retracing my steps and reviewing the lessons that brought me here. In the mean time, I am aware of the moments when I am me and the moments where I am doing the best I can. I feel like I have been doing the best I can more often, then I am being me on my best day. I am aware that I am not alone in this odd time. Since I choose to be vulnerable and open about my journey, a lot of my friends have reciprocated and expressed their struggles with their work or life transitions. For my friends who are struggling and for those of you who are working through your own struggles, today’s Mindful Monday is for you.

“It’s not over until I win.”

I introduced that mantra to the girls that I mentored. No matter how hard the struggle is, it will not be over until you’ve reached or achieved what it is you are working toward. Keep going. Press Forward. Everything does happen for a reason. You are on your journey for a reason. You are struggling for a reason, to discover the reason, push forward.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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