Enjoy the Struggle


This week started out very different then it ended. After several realizations this morning, I realized this is the first moment where I have been able to sit and catch my breath, since Tuesday.

The main thing I realized is that my current place in life is life testing my boundaries and at the same time showing me my growth.

My growth was felt several moments this week and what I ultimately realized is that my boundaries are expanding as a result of pushing myself to grow more and live more as life was intended to be lived from the start … without fear.

I am not fearless, but I am getting there. My Mindful Monday post was my hope for those who are in struggle. I wish I could have taken a snap shot of how quickly my life changed this week.

At any second life can change for you for better or for worse. Hold on to hope. Going further, as life changes it’s how you respond to life that makes it amazing, disappointing, easy or challenging. All those words can mean very different things to anyone who read them.

I’ve been living in the challenging for sometime, and I am learning more then I would have had I chose an easier path.

The best lessons are in the struggle. Enjoy the struggle.

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