Mindful Monday #66 – SEEK STRENGTH

I don’t know where to begin with today’s post?

In fact, I struggled to find today’s quote, struggled all week and I’ve been struggling for awhile. I have reached a point of frustration where all I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs.

A + B doesn’t always equal C.

I’ve been struggling to figure out what equation will lead me to my destination because every equation I’ve tried isn’t working. I ran out of equations awhile ago and I have been making things up as I go. I feel like I am throwing darts at a target that I cannot see and I hope hit the target soon.

The most irritating thing is when you know you, and you know what you want, you can no longer settle. Even when you try to settle, you know you are doing a disservice to yourself.

The conversation you have with life changes, the moment you decide that you want and deserve more.

Once that happens, you start speaking a new language with life that you are only beginning to learn. I’ve had a few moments where I noticed old versions of myself pop up as I stumble through the boundaries that I am pushing through. There are also moments where I surprise myself; when I say and do things that are not characteristic of me, but is the un-flited version of me.

As my frustration on Sunday led to sadness, a line from a song popped in my head.

Hold on to hope and take courage again. – Hillsong United

I’ve been thinking about that line ever since. Today’s Mindful Monday quote speaks to those who are pushing through their boundaries, want to scream, feel like quitting or feel lost.


Happy Memorial Day. I enjoy your time with your friends and family today.

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