Mindful Monday #67 – Movement in the Darkness

Image by Janusz Gawron
Image by Janusz Gawron

It’s a brand new day, week and month, and I’m surrounded by darkness.

I have stepped into a new situation that is so demanding, I hardly have time for myself to rest and breathe. I have never felt so weak or have lacked so much energy in a long, long time. The person that I am on a day to day basis is changing because of this situation.

My body is screaming to do something, because I am very tense, stressed and irritable.

In the past, when I have been in situations like this I would keep my mouth shut, look for the positive, push forward and endure it. Not every situations that we encounter is meant to be endured, sometimes the test is to identify the challenge and see if it is even worth fighting for at all.

In my case, it is not. This situation has reminded me that I learned the lesson from a similar situation over two years ago. The new things I have realized is that my mind and voice are starting to align more with my soul. I am starting to see red flags before a situation gets worse and I am speaking up and asserting my boundaries.

The greatest thing I have realized is that while my climb has become steep, I know I am on the right path – this situation proves it. I am thankful for my circle of friends and mentors because these past few weeks have been the most that I have leaned on anyone during hard times.

One of my mentors said “Even in darkness there is movement.” Today I saw a glimmer of light that I desperately needed to see.

3215Have a wonderful Monday.

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