Breaking Through

Breaking-glass-snapshotofspirit.wordpress.com_It’s been a week since I decided that I needed to move on from a difficult situation.

I really, really, really wanted that situation to work and I needed it to work, for many reasons. But the situation was not working. I am having growing pains with my leap of faith and I feel like I am wandering aimlessly.

My leap of faith was my desire to live bigger, and take the 100% risks to change careers and live differently. Ever since that choice, my life and I have not been the same.

I feel like I am on a treadmill at the moment, but the struggles has shown me that I am chipping away at my bigger vision for myself and my life.

It’s only when I am out of my element that I see my growth the most. When I am taking a new class and meeting new people, I realize I am no longer a novice with several of my skill sets and knowledge. I realized that several of the goals that I set, but haven’t focused on recently have been achieved.

This year has provided several moments where I have pushed through perceived boundaries/ limitations and stepped into new territories. In my toughest moment, with this recent struggle, I had the most clarity and realizations. Out of pure frustration I listed off all the things I let go of this year. I don’t miss anything that I released from my life.

My list of “what I let go of this year” brought me to another item that I need to let go of, to allow the energy to flow fully and freely in my life to really allow full possibility of my vision.

Letting go of one thing is hard, but try letting go of everything that is familiar to you and trusting that it will work out. Do you think you can do it? Do believe in yourself enough to even try.

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