Mindful Monday #68 – Valuable Friends

It’s Monday! I am so thankful for this day because I am one step closer to being removed from my current situation. I know I made the right choice to move on because I felt relieved after I made my choice. My friends and family can see the difference in how I speak and carry myself too.

The company you keep within your community and your circle of friends are important. My friends have been my greatest supporters and have offered the greatest perspective on my growth and struggles. In life it is important to have friends who are truly friends and look out for you and your best interest.

My friends have provided me with opportunities to learn and grow in ways I would not have done because it would have never crossed my mind. The people you bring into your life should add value to your life and help you be your best self. Today’s Mindful Monday speaks to the love I feel in this moment from my close circle of friends, family and mentors and the love that I have for them. Have a wonderful Monday!


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