Mindful Monday #70 – Honesty

Happy Monday! My Accommodation post on Saturday, prompted me to dive into a dialogue with silence and accommodation to see what I can learn about how these two practices play out within our lives. As I started my dialogue I saw how both have helped, hurt and hindered us as individuals and as a society and I noted why we choose one over the other.

I have accommodated people alot through silence. Recently, I got into an argument with a friend, whom I have always accommodated. I tried to avoid the subject and ultimately the truth, because I didn’t want to hurt him. He wouldn’t back down from the conversation and the group that I was around wouldn’t speak up or defend me, because they never have in similar situations. I knew I wasn’t around the most genuine group of people and I didn’t care if my perceived friendships ended after I chose to speak. I spoke a truth that he and the group never heard and they were shocked at my honesty. When all was said and done, I felt bad because I didn’t feel bad or regret anything that I said. My intention behind my words was love and honesty.

Today’s Mindful Monday is about the honesty that is needed to clear the clutter from our life and society. Everyone wants friends, but not all the people that we meet within our lives are meant to stay within our lives. Are you honest with your friends? What are you afraid to say? Why? Good solid friendships are founded in honesty within our words and actions. It’s hard to hear the truth sometimes, but a real friend will never keep the truth from you.