Mindful Monday #71 – Lead with Love

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The universe works in interesting ways and I am thankful for the opportunities that come my way as I keep my hands, heart and mind open to receive the unimaginable. Having trust or faith in an idea is hard, but it is necessary to give it life.

I watched Jurassic World this weekend and it made me think about love. Weird right? I have been thinking about love a lot lately. There were two posts last week where I suggested for us to lead life with love or spread more love beyond our social circle. Where does Jurassic World fit into this? There are no spoilers in this post. The overall moral of the story is: bad things happen when people have ulterior motives (or an agenda). When people lead their lives, businesses, countries or relationships from a self serving place, someone or an entire group of people will get hurt a long the way. Most people with an ulterior motive will have no idea who they hurt, will see it as a minor casualty or they won’t care. They may also create a story in their mind to justify why it is okay for them to do the less moral, more self serving thing. (Big corporations do this a lot and our silence allows them to get away with it.) When you lead your life with love, you start to see that their is enough love and life to go around. Take a moment and think about a time when you or someone you know led life with an ulterior motive, what was the outcome? Next, think about the time when you or someone in your life led with love, what was the outcome? You can never go wrong when you lead with love.


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