Mindful Monday #73 – New Growth

The happiest of Monday’s to you my friends. This weekend was amazing and filled with so much good that I am glowing. I went to a fundraiser event for an arts therapy non-profit, attended a pot luck dinner, I got my chores done, and on top of that there was spontaneity and a lot of reconnection.  (I wasn’t a dam to life, and allowed it to flow as it needed.) I ran into improv, film and spiritual friends every time I was spontaneous – it was awesome.

GrowthI started reading “The Power of Now” last weekend, which I stopped reading in the Spring, because life got busy and shaky. I have noticed that the book parallels my life and what I am coming to understand. One line that I read this weekend, speaks to the struggles I had within the past year. Struggles can suck, but this quote makes the challenge of the struggle bearable.

“Growth is usually considered positive, but nothing can grow forever. […] Dissolution is needed for new growth to happen.” – Eckhart Tolle

Use today to think about the quote’s truth in your life. Have a wonderful Monday.