Mindful Monday #78 – Go Towards Your Edge

swing-at-the-end-of-the-worldHappy Monday! Life always provides what you need when you need it and apparently solitude is what I really need because it’s where I find myself. I’ve been working on a feature for over a month, which I am enjoying, but it’s providing a lot of solitude. I haven’t been making a lot of plans in the evenings or the weekends because I need to make sure I stay healthy and get good rest. I’ve always been at odds with the demands of the industry, actually I’ve only been at odds with those demands since I’ve been out here and have faced the reality of the path that I choose to walk.

You have to take the good with the bad in a relationship or your partner and that goes with your relationship to work. Depending on the balance or the level of unbalance between the good and the bad you will come to a crossroads and ask is this all worth it? I’ve lost some friends and romantic relationships along the way, the dynamic of those relationships shifted as a result of the industry or people showed their true colors and wanted to take advantage of me to advance their careers.

While I enjoy the work that I do and I can get comfortable in my career, I choose to stay on the outside of it so that I don’t get sucked in too deep. You can make a living out of assisting other people, while putting your dreams on hold. I choose to trust my leap of faith and the new vision I have for my life. There is a place in life that is safe, and a place that can be too scary. But there is also a place on the edge of your comfort zone and the edge of your deepest fears:

“Go towards your edge.”

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