The Side Effects of Breakeven pt. I

Breakeven pt. I had a surprisingly deep impact on me this week and led me on an unexpected journey. I am genuinely speechless. It was my intention from the start to take my writing down a different path than what I published, but I trusted where my writing naturally went and I followed it.

I wanted to get in the proper mindset of my breakup so I could accurately retell it and explain the gift that came out of it. In that process, I brushed up against resistance which surprised me. Is it too soon to write about this? Should I even write about it at all? Is this moment relevant?


Since I didn’t say what I wanted to say with Breakeven pt I, I felt pulled to write more and I trusted that instinct. Then I wrote what may appear to be an off topic Mindful Monday post, but after deeper thought, I realized that the post is directly related.

My writing on this topic is coming full circle not only in my writing but in my life all at the same time … synchronicity. So much has happened this week in relation to the post that I want to write about and I am trying to process it all.

I will write Breakeven pt II at a later time once I understand the deeper meaning unfolding before me in real time. At this point, I’m not sure if I am guiding these posts instinctively or if I am being guided to write them?

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