Tune Tuesday #12 – What’s Around the Corner (or Riverbend)?

It’s Tuesday. Today’s Tune Tuesday to some may be sort of cheesy, but I always like a good pun. Today’s song has actually been coming up a lot lately on my iTunes. I bought it almost two years ago when I was in my book club. We were asked the question “what is the essence of you?” When I brainstormed the answer this was one of many songs that came to mind. The last year I was in AZ one of my girlfriends told me that this song reminded her of me because of my focus and drive. I remember being both surprised and flattered at the compliment and her view of me. It’s this song that I feel is the song that beats in everyone’s heart and it never stops. It addressees the question we all face at least once in our life. “Should I choose the smoothest course?”

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