Mindful Monday #82 – The Unexpected

Happy Monday! I watched two movies this weekend which were disappointing. At one point I thought, why am I watching this? I continued to watch because I wanted to know how the story ended.

There is always an excitement when we watch a movie and are on the journey with the character. We hate it when people spoil a movie for us by telling us the ending or the entire story line. When it comes to our life, on the other hand, we aren’t as excited with the unknown and we wish we knew what comes next. Where’s the fun in that? To respond to the unknown, we sometimes try to control what we can within our life. Or we try to fit life into a formula. Generations that came before us tried to live life in this way, but happiness wasn’t always found.

Life is expansive and can not fit into a box or formula no mater how hard your try.

There are always exceptions to any rule too. It is necessary to sometimes loose balance so that you are able to see life or live differently. While I am open to life’s unexpected turns, there have been times where I hated it and questioned the journey. In improv we say “mistakes are gifts.” When we make mistakes on stage it is “gold” because that is where humor is found. You can mess up a name or say the wrong thing and the audience will laugh. At the end of the day in improv, the story works out beyond what we as improvisers could imagine. Like mistakes in improv, consider the unexpected events within our life as a gift too.

Credits: @thinkgrowprosper

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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