Mindful Monday #84 – The Real Voyage of Discovery

It’s my Birthday! I met up with my best friend brother Teddy last week and reviewed my personal year with him. I don’t know how I made it through this past year? I really don’t?

As I recalled my year, I discovered aspects of the year that I completely forgot about. This is the first year that I can say that there was no aspect of the year that was easy, even in hindsight, it was challenging each step of the way.

My belief in my vision/ journey and my awareness that this was all for something perhaps beyond what I can currently see helped me get through it. I am committed to this journey towards living a creative life which encompasses strengthening my voice more, being more vulnerable, facing more fears and taking another Leap of Faith, which will be even greater then the last one I took, because I am letting go of expectations of what will encompass this leap.

For this Mindful Monday I want to set the intention to keep the faith, when life challenges the faith that I am beginning to understand.