Mindful Monday #86 – Don’t Round Out Your Edge

Happy Monday! My show wraps in two weeks. I’m looking forward to having down time to re-calibrate myself to normal hours of work and rest.

When a show ends it is a tradition for producers, director and/or actors to give the crew wrap gifts for all their work and time. Department heads and supervisors also give each other gifts because we will never be this complete team or department again. Everyone will go their separate way. There have only been two shows where I have been a supervisor to staff. The gift I gave the first time around was a thoughtful card and a gift card. This time the gift is even more thoughtful because I am giving gifts that are unique to each individual and the conversations that we had during the course of this show.

This show has been a true blessing in so many ways because it showed me my level of knowledge, growth, wisdom and experience. Of the over 9 years since I worked in this industry, my department is the first department to see my range as a person. I didn’t filter myself and as a result and I discovered a new humor and playfulness that I wasn’t aware I had. Or perhaps I had forgotten it. I feel very bonded to my staff, more then others, because I was vulnerable and I allowed myself to just be. Today’s quote speaks to standing in our light and allowing ourselves to just be ourselves.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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